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Negative thermal expansion system (NTEs) device for TCE compensation in elastomer compsites and conductive elastomer interconnects in microelectronic packaging

Image Number 11 for United States Patent #7883919.

A method for fabricating a negative thermal expanding system device includes coating a wafer with a thermally decomposable polymer, patterning the decomposable polymer into repeating disk patterns, releasing the decomposable polymer from the wafer and forming a sheet of repeating patterned disks, suspending the sheet into a first solution with seeding compounds for electroless decomposition, removing the sheet from the first solution, suspending the sheet into a second solution to electrolessly deposit a first layer material onto the sheet, removing the sheet from the second solution, suspending the sheet into a third solution to deposit a second layer of material having a lower TCE value than the first layer of material, separating the patterned disks from one another, and annealing thermally the patterned disks to decompose the decomposable polymer and creating a cavity in place of the decomposable polymer.

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