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Multi-axial bone plate system

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #7883531.

An orthopedic bone plate system having a bone plate for placement adjacent one or more vertebral bodies. The system further includes a locking element including a compression member and a fixation member wherein the compression member includes an aperture and at least one deformable portion. A bone fastener is also included in the present system which includes a bone engaging portion and a stem portion. The stem is capable of being slidably received within the aperture of the compression member while the locking member is capable of being received within an aperture of the bone plate. As the compression member is brought into proximity of a vertebral body along the longitudinal axis of the bone fastener, an increasing force is exerted against the fixation member and translated to the bone plate. The resultant force translated back to the fixation member to the compression member which causes the deformable portion of the compression member to clamp the bone fastener relative to the bone plate.

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