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Semiconductor device for preventing voids in the contact region and method of forming the same

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #7875982.

A semiconductor device includes: an interlayer insulation film; a lower interconnection layer; an upper interconnection layer; and a via hole extending through the interlayer insulation film to establish electric connection between the lower and upper interconnections; wherein a plurality of interconnection lines is provided in the lower interconnection layer, and a contact region is formed for contact with the via hole by partially joining at least two interconnection lines, and a void exists in a first region of the interlayer insulation film located between adjacent interconnection lines, and no void exists in a second region of the interlayer insulation film located between a contacting portion of the via hole in the contact region and an interconnection line adjacent to the contact region, whereby reliably preventing any contact between a via hole and a void formed in an interlayer insulation film even when the via hole is greatly displaced.

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