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Cognition integrator and language

Image Number 10 for United States Patent #7873223.

In a specification mode, a user specifies classes of a class network and process steps of a process hierarchy using a novel scripting language. The classes describe what the user expects to find in digital images. The process hierarchy describes how the digital images are to be analyzed. Each process step includes an algorithm and a domain that specifies the classes on which the algorithm is to operate. A Cognition Program acquires table data that includes pixel values of the digital images, as well as metadata relating to the digital images. In an execution mode, the Cognition Program generates a data network in which pixel values are linked to objects, and objects are categorized as belonging to classes. The process steps, classes and objects are linked to each other in a computer-implemented network structure in a manner that enables the Cognition Program to detect target objects in the digital images.

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