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Mesh puppetry

Image Number 13 for United States Patent #7872653.

This disclosure describes a variational framework for detail-preserving skinned mesh manipulation or deformation. The skinned mesh deformation occurs by optimizing skeleton position and vertex weights of a skeletal skinned mesh in an integrated manner. The process allows creating new poses and animations by specifying a few desired constraints for the skeletal skinned mesh in an interactive deformation platform. This process adjusts the skeletal position and solves for a deformed skinned mesh simultaneously with an algorithm in conjunction with the constraints. The algorithm includes a cascading optimization procedure. The mesh puppetry displays skinned mesh manipulation in real-time.The user interface will enable interactive design in creating new poses and animations for a skeletal skinned mesh, enabling direct manipulation of the skeletal skinned mesh to create natural, life-like poses, and providing automatic balancing and most-rigid constraints to create a puppet-like animation.

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