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Machine tool having a work space

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #7871225.

A machine tool has a work space (17) in which a device (15) for accommodating workpieces (16) to be machined is arranged. The machine tool further has a work spindle (18) for machining the workpieces (16) and a slide (34) which carries the work spindle (18) and is traversable in a longitudinal direction relative to the device (15), a respective cover (25), variable in length in the longitudinal direction (x), for the work space (17) being provided on the slide (34) on each of its sides, said cover (25) being connected with its respective first end to the slide (34) and with its respective second end to a side wall (21, 22; 51) of the work space (17). Each cover (25) variable in length has a respective rear wall (26) and a respective top (27), whereby the top (27) is connected to the rear wall (26) in a detachable, push-in, manner. A further flexible cover (31) is arranged in front of the slide (34) to protect the work space (17) at the bottom. The flexible cover (31) is variable in a direction (y) orthogonal to the longitudinal direction (x) and is partly designed as a link apron (54).

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