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Beamforming apparatus and method

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #7868824.

A beamforming apparatus obtains the beamforming parameters that realize arbitrary desirable PSF by using optimization theories. The apparatus uses at least one of the beamforming parameters such as the intensities, frequencies, bandwidths and shapes of the signals transmitted by the transmitting unit, the filtering of noises, amplifications (gains) and shapes of the signals received by the receiving unit, delays of the directions of propagation and array used by the delay units, apodization functions of the directions of propagation and array used by the apodization units, the number of the additions of the signals by the addition unit, array element parameters such as element size or shape and how to implement the elements in transducers (e.g., connections by leads between the elements and with the surroundings), which are determined by the specified optimization process to realize the desirable PSF.

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