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Photoreceiver/amplifier circuit, optical pickup device, and optical disk device

Image Number 13 for United States Patent #7868702.

The subject invention provides a photoreceiver/amplifier circuit comprising a differential circuit including a differential transistor pair and a bias circuit; an active load; a feedback resistor for converting a photocurrent generated from a photodiode into a voltage; a reference resistor; and a compensation circuit. The resistance of the feedback resistor is greater than the resistance of the reference resistor. The compensation circuit supplies a compensation current from a junction between the feedback resistor and a non-inverting input terminal of the differential amplifier circuit, so as to cancel the difference between a voltage between terminals of the feedback resistor and a voltage between terminals of the reference resistor. This reduces noise and improves offset voltage characteristics. The present invention provides a photoreceiver/amplifier circuit ensuring noise reduction and desirable offset voltage characteristics.

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