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Mounting structure for IC tag and IC chip for mounting

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #7868437.

A mounting structure for an IC tag where an IC chip for mounting (10) is mounted so as to be electrically connected to antenna patterns (44a), (44b). The assembly process that mounts the IC chip for mounting (10) on the antenna patterns (44a), (44b) is simplified, which makes it possible to reduce the manufacturing cost of IC tags. The IC chip for mounting 10 is formed by winding conductive wires (12a), (12b) so as to encircle an outer surface of an IC chip (20) between two opposite edges of the IC chip (20) in a state where the conductive wires (12a), (12b) mechanically contact electrodes formed on the IC chip (20) and are electrically connected to the electrodes, so that the IC chip for mounting (10) is joined to the antenna patterns (44a), (44b) via the conductive wires (12a), (12b).

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