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Thermoelectric conversion module

Image Number 6 for United States Patent #7868242.

A thermoelectric conversion module includes a tubular element unit having a plurality of ring-like thermoelectric elements coaxially arranged with air as an insulator sandwiched inbetween. The ring-like thermoelectric element is covered approximately entirely with electrodes at its outer circumference surface and inner circumference surface, respectively, and generates electricity by temperature difference between the outer circumference surface and the inner circumference surface. A lead wire electrically connects the electrode covered on the outer circumference surface of one ring-like thermoelectric element among the plurality of ring-like thermoelectric elements to the electrode covered on the inner circumference surface of another ring-like thermoelectric element adjacent to the one ring-like thermoelectric element. A doubled cylindrical support unit 41 includes a SUS tube whose outer circumference surface supports the tubular element unit and a SUS tube whose inner circumference surface supports the tubular element unit.

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