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Gaming machine environment having controlled audio and visual media presentation

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #7867085.

A gaming machine system comprises a plurality of multimedia output devices, including audio, visual, and/or tactile devices strategically mounted around a casino. The multimedia devices may be used to present celebratory sights, sounds, and/or other sensations throughout the casino when a player achieves a winning outcome. The celebratory sights, sounds, and/or other sensations increase the overall level of stimuli in the casino, thereby helping to create a celebratory atmosphere. In some embodiments, the celebratory multimedia stimuli are communicated to certain gaming machines in the casino based on a triggering event that occurred at a remote gaming machine. The gaming machines may be the same type and/or brand, or they may be different types and/or brands such that the same celebratory stimuli are used to promote multiple types and/or brands of gaming machines. The celebratory stimuli may also be customized specifically for a gaming machine, a player(s), or a casino.

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