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Soil stabilization and irrigation arrangement

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #7866918.

A soil stabilization and irrigation arrangement is proposed, comprising a useable area (10) and a water compensating device (22) disposed outside the useable area (10). The useable area (10) is formed from a basin (14) which is constructed as watertight and in which a drainage device (18) is arranged near the bottom, and which contains a footing (20); the water compensating device (22) is formed from a water receiving space (23) which is provided with a water inlet (24) and a water outlet (26) and which is in communication with the drainage device (18) of the useable area (10); and the useable area (10) further comprises an arrangement of soil stabilizing mats (32) in the footing (20) above the drainage device (18), wherein the soil stabilizing mats (32) are embodied as permeable to water.

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