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Device for the manufacture of absorbent products

Image Number 9 for United States Patent #7866361.

A device for the manufacture of an absorbent product including a rotatable slitting tool having an extent in a radial direction and an extent in an axial direction perpendicular to the radial direction, the slitting tool being divided in the axial direction into two lateral parts and lying between them a central part. The central part has a circular cross section in the radial direction, and the lateral parts include, in the axial direction, intermittent protuberances projecting from the central part. The protuberances are the same distance from the center of the slitting tool as the circular cross section. The central part between the protuberances, in the direction of curvature of the envelope surface, forms a plurality of cutting edges, each of which has a width which, at a given pressure, permits slitting of a layer of material intended for the absorbent product, and the protuberances form supporting surfaces between the cutting edges.

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