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High capacitance density vertical natural capacitors

Image Number 10 for United States Patent #7866015.

Disclosed are embodiments of a method of forming a capacitor with inter-digitated vertical plates such that the effective gap distance between plates is reduced. This gap width reduction significantly increases the capacitance density of the capacitor. Gap width reduction is accomplished during back end of the line processing by masking connecting points with nodes, by etching the dielectric material from between the vertical plates and by etching a sacrificial material from below the vertical plates. Etching of the dielectric material forms air gaps and various techniques can be used to cause the plates to collapse in on these air gaps, once the sacrificial material is removed. Any remaining air gaps can be filled by depositing a second dielectric material (e.g., a high k dielectric), which will further increase the capacitance density and will encapsulate the capacitor in order to make the reduced distance between the vertical plates permanent.

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