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Intracorporeal medicaments for photodynamic treatment of disease

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #7863047.

New intracorporeal photodynamic medicaments and certain medical uses and methods for use of such photodynamic medicaments for treatment of disease in human or animal tissue are described, wherein a primary active component of such medicaments is a halogenated xanthene or halogenated xanthene derivative. In preferred embodiments, such medicaments are used for treatment of a variety of conditions affecting the skin and related organs, the mouth and digestive tract and related organs, the urinary and reproductive tracts and related organs, the respiratory tract and related organs, the circulatory system and related organs, the head and neck, the endocrine and lymphoreticular systems and related organs, various other tissues, such as connective tissues and various tissue surfaces exposed during surgery, as well as various tissues exhibiting microbial or parasitic infection. In another preferred embodiment, such medicaments are produced in various formulations including liquid, semisolid, solid or aerosol delivery vehicles.

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