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Interactive action figures for gaming systems

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #7862428.

An action figure is provided with a serial number that provides an access code which allows owners to engage in enjoyable games or other activities via the Internet or other gaming systems. The interactive action figure system comprises a toy, statue, or other three-dimensional figurine with a serial number, and preferably a computer network accessible over the internet and a particular gaming framework managed by a network device. Owners of action figure toys may "log onto" the network using the action figure serial number as an access code to activate a particular computer character identity and participate in games such as hand-to-hand combat games, action-adventure series, or learning games. The action figure may be, for example, a warrior, sports figure, doll or teddy bear to appeal to a wide range of users. Once a particular character is activated, game play proceeds according to preset rules. The game character's traits, powers, and other features may be enhanced or otherwise modified by purchasing preferably-three-dimensional accessories and inputting serial numbers into the gaming system that are also supplied with the accessories.

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