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Vacuum valve

Image Number 17 for United States Patent #7862002.

To provide a vacuum valve with an improved endurance of a bellows, a vacuum valve comprises: a valve section including a first port, a second port, a valve seat provided between the first and second ports, and a valve element movable into or out of contact with the valve seat; an actuator section including an orifice through which an operating fluid is supplied to the actuator section, and a piston coupled to the valve element, the piston being allowed to operate according to changes of pressure of the operating fluid to apply a driving force to the valve section; and a bellows which can be contracted and elongated as the valve element vertically moves upward and downward. The orifice is designed to have an effective sectional area determined so that an operating speed of the valve element and the piston is controlled to a predetermined speed for preventing damage of the bellows.

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