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Liquid crystal display device having a light source disposed on a lateral side of a light guide plate

Image Number 7 for United States Patent #7859613.

The present invention relates to a liquid crystal display device connecting between an inverter and a lamp without a solder, the liquid crystal display device comprising a liquid crystal display panel; a light source providing light to the rear of the liquid crystal display panel, and comprising a light source body in the shape of the column and a light source electrode disposed at the both ends of the light source body; an inverter providing power for the light source; a light source wire connecting between the inverter and the light source electrode, and having a connecting terminal ring-shaped at the one end; an electric conduction terminal having an electrode inserting cavity for accommodating the light source electrode at the one end and a coupling cavity for coupling with a coupling means passing through the connecting terminal ring-shaped at the other end; and a coupling member having a electric conduction terminal accommodating hole exposing the electrode inserting cavity and the coupling cavity of the electric conduction terminal by accommodating the electric conduction terminal. Thus, the present invention provides a liquid crystal display device enhanced the production and efficiency on the assembly process.

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