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Method of mixed data assisted and non data assisted navigation signal acquisition, tracking and reacquisition

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #7859456.

The present invention provides systems and methods for enabling a navigation signal receiver to perform both data assisted and non-data assisted integration to provide better integration during signal acquisition, reacquisition and tracking. In data assisted integration mode, a receiver uses known or predicted data bits to remove the modulated data bits of a received signal prior to integration. In non data assisted integration mode, when the data bits are not known or predictable, the receiver uses an optimal estimation or maximum likelihood algorithm to determine the polarities of the modulated data bits of the received signal. This may be done by determining which of various possible bit pattern yields the maximum integrated power. When the modulated data bits are not known or predictable over a limited range, the receiver carries out data assisted integration over the known or predictable data bits and additional non data assisted integration.

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