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Anti-bacterial, anti-virus, and anti-fungus composition, its preparation and use

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #7858124.

The present invention relates to an anti-bacterial, anti-virus, and anti-fungus composition, its preparation and use. The composition of the present invention mainly includes the following three ingredients in an adequate ratio: (A) a metal compound having a catalytic function; (B) ionic compound, and (C) an additive. The anti-bacterial, anti-virus, and anti-fungus composition of the present invention is capable of destroying viruses as well as killing bacterial and fungi. Therefore, the composition can be formulated as an aerosol and a film for applying to protection devices such as respirators, masks, gloves, filters, condoms, etc. The present composition can also be used in household, vehicle, hospital, school, restaurant, hotel, internet coffee shop for applying to filter of air-conditioner, tap, stool, interior of elevator and its keyboard. Additionally, the present composition can be applied to human being such as applying to hand, foot, genital organs, oral cavity, and the like in a lower dose to attain the effect of destroying of bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

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