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Tablet feeder

Image Number 8 for United States Patent #7857162.

A tablet feeder including a tablet accommodating section (4) capable of accommodating a multiplicity of tablets A; a tablet array member (8) which is disposed in the tablet accommodating section (4) and which, while being driven and rotated, retains the tablets A one after another in pockets (11) formed in an outer periphery thereof and discharges the tablets at a discharge position; and a partitioning member (13) whose partitioning portion (14) having a shape of a brush partitions the pocket (11) so that the upper tablets A do not fall into the lower pocket (11). Thereby, the tablets A that are retained in the pocket (11) of the tablet array member (8) are discharged in a predetermined number. The partitioning member (13) includes a plurality of brush elements (15a, 15b) constituting a partitioning portion (14). At least part of the brush elements (15a) each has a tip that is bent in a U-shape. Thus, deformation of the brush elements (15a), constituting the partitioning member (13), can be surely prevented.

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