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Multimodal polyethylene obtained with multilayer chromium catalyst

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #7851400.

The present invention concerns a catalyst for the production of high density polyethylene, by homopolymerising ethylene or copolymerising ethylene and an alpha-olefinic comonomer comprising 3 to 10 carbon atoms, prepared by the steps of: a) selecting a silica support with a specific surface area larger than 300 m.sup.2/g; b) treating the silica support with a titanium compound, in order to introduce titanium into the support, or with an aluminium compound, in order to introduce aluminum into the support; c) either treating the titanated silica support with an aluminum compound, in order to introduce aluminum into the titanated silica support, or treating the aluminated silica support with a titanium compound, in order to introduce titanium into the aluminated silica support; d) depositing a chromium compound on the titanated and aluminated silica support to form a catalyst; e) activating the catalyst of step d) under air in a fluidised bed at a temperature of from 600 to C.

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