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Method, system and apparatus to facilitate conditional purchase orders with bounce back functionality

Image Number 17 for United States Patent #7848940.

A conditional purchase offer (CPO) management system, including bounce back capability, provides for receiving CPOs from one or more customers, such as airline passengers, and for evaluating the received CPOs against a number of CPO rules defined by a plurality of sellers, such as airlines, to determine whether a principal (any seller, agent or operator of the CPO management system) is willing to accept a given CPO. A customer whose CPO has been accepted may receive a bounce back offer from a vendor (supplier-partner) of other services or products--e.g., an automobile rental. The bounce back process determines whether a supplier-partner can participate in a bounce back transaction. For example, in the case of an airline passenger in need of an automobile rental, the bounce back process determines whether an automobile rental company is located in the flight destination area and has excess capacity. If an automobile rental company is located in the customer's destination area and has excess capacity, a bounce back offer may be made to the customer in accordance with a supplier-partner allocation process. If a bounce back transaction is effectuated between the customer and supplier-partner the partner notifies the principal of the transaction. In the case of automobile rentals, the bounce back process permits a traveler to recognize reduced automobile rental rates while enabling a rental agency to more effectively manage its excess capacity. The CPO management system employing bounce back capability can be utilized to acquire any underlying product and/or service and bounce back product and/or service.

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