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Low-frequency-band component and high-frequency-band audio encoding/decoding apparatus, and communication apparatus thereof

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #7848921.

An audio encoding apparatus capable of improving a frame cancellation error tolerance without increasing a number of bits of a fixed codebook in a CELP type audio encoding. A linear prediction analyzer analyzes an input digital speech signal and outputs linear predictive coefficients. A linear predictive coefficients quantizer quantizes the linear predictive coefficients. A low-frequency-band component encoder encodes a down-sampled linear-predictive residual signal by a pulse-code-modulation encoder and generates low-frequency-band component encoded information, while a high-frequency-band component encoder encodes an error signal between a linear-predictive residual signal and an up-sampled signal of a decoded down-sampled linear-predictive residual signal by a code-excited-linear-prediction encoder and generates high-frequency-band component encoded information.

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