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Methanol oxidation catalyst

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #7846862.

A methanol oxidation catalyst is provided, which includes nanoparticles having a composition represented by the following formula 1: Pt.sub.xRu.sub.yT.sub.zQ.sub.u formula 1In the formula 1, the T-element is at least one selected from a group consisting of Mo, W and V and the Q-element is at least one selected from a group consisting of Nb, Cr, Zr and Ti, x is 40 to 90 at. %, y is 0 to 9.9 at. %, z is 3 to 70 at. % and u is 0.5 to 40 at. %. The area of the peak derived from oxygen bond of T-element is 80% or less of the area of the peak derived from metal bond of T-element in a spectrum measured by an X-ray photoelectron spectral method.

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