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Method of forming a contact hole and method of manufacturing a semiconductor device having the same

Image Number 12 for United States Patent #7846825.

In a method of forming a contact hole and a method of manufacturing a semiconductor device having the same, a first insulation interlayer is formed on a substrate. A dummy pattern is formed on the first insulation interlayer. A second insulation interlayer is formed to cover the dummy pattern. A photoresist pattern is formed on the second insulation interlayer. The photoresist pattern has an exposed portion. The dummy pattern under the photoresist pattern is arranged to cross over the exposed portion of the photoresist pattern. The first and second insulation interlayers are etched using the photoresist pattern and the dummy pattern as an etching mask, to form a plurality of contact holes on both sides of the dummy pattern. Accordingly, the contact holes may be formed to have a smaller width.

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