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Method of synthesizing aluminophosphate and silicoaluminophosphate molecular sieves

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #7842640.

In a method of synthesizing an aluminophosphate or silicoaluminophosphate molecular sieve, a synthesis mixture is prepared by mixing a plurality of starting materials including at least a source of water, a source of phosphorus, a source of aluminum, optionally, a source of silicon and, and at least one organic directing agent for directing the formation of said molecular sieve. The starting materials are maintained at a temperature between C. and C., preferably between C. and C., during the mixing and until preparation of the starting mixture is complete, whereafter the synthesis mixture is heated to a crystallization temperature between about C. and about C. until crystals of the molecular sieve are produced. When crystallization is complete, the molecular sieve is recovered.

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