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Schedule setting and processing system

Image Number 17 for United States Patent #7840341.

A system which automatically makes a travel plan by using on-vehicle or portable terminal. The system can prepare a travel plan in which the concrete destination and route are specified when rough positional and temporal conditions are inputted. The objective area and schedule inputted through the terminal are transmitted to an information center. At the information center, a basic frame of the travel meeting the received conditions is prepared. For a day trip, an example of the basic frame is "departure-walk-lunch-amusement park-night view-return". After the basic frame is prepared, concrete facilities meeting the actions are specified by making access to a data base. The specified facilities are inputted to the basic frame, and thus a concrete plan is completed. The completed plan is supplied to the terminal and displayed on a display to the persons who want to travel. The completed plan is further supplied to a navigation system and the system guides the persons in accordance with the plan.

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