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Sound apparatus with howling prevention function

Image Number 6 for United States Patent #7840014.

An acoustic system that eliminates the howling that occurs when the sound outputted by the speaker feeds back to the input device. The acoustic system comprises a digital signal processor (DSP) that divides the input audio signal into different frequency bands, and reduces the audio levels for the frequency bands where howling is most likely to occur. In one embodiment, the acoustic system comprises a sound source section that generates a test tone that substantially covers the entire human audible range such that the DSP can set the filter levels according to the feedback of the test tone. In another embodiment, the sound source section stores one waveform at a given pitch and generates waveforms of other pitches based on the stored waveform. In yet another embodiment, the pitches of the generated waveforms are dispersed into four frequency bands to create a test tone that resembles a chord or a musical tone.

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