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Electronic device package and method of manufacturing the same

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #7838333.

The present invention discloses an electronic device package and a method of the package. In particular, an electronic device package and a method of the package suitable for a bumpless electronic device package with enhanced electrical performance and heat-dissipation efficiency are disclosed. The method comprises: providing a substrate having a plurality of vias and a plurality of electronic devices; forming a gluing layer on a surface of the substrate and fixing the electronic devices on the gluing layer, wherein the electronic devices have I/O units aligned with the vias respectively; forming a plurality of fixing layers in the gaps between the electronic devices; trenching a plurality of openings aligned with the vias respectively in the fixing layer; forming a plurality of metallic conductive units in the vias, the openings and part of the surface of the substrate; and forming a passivation layer over the other surface of the substrate.

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