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Method of manufacturing membrane-electrode assembly for fuel cell

Image Number 7 for United States Patent #7837819.

The present invention provides a method of manufacturing a membrane-electrode assembly for a fuel cell, in which a binder is spray-coated on a surface of a polymer film, a catalyst slurry is bar-coated on a surface of an electrolyte membrane, bonded on the binder, to form a catalyst electrode layer, a bonded assembly of the electrolyte membrane and the catalyst electrode layer is separated from the polymer film, after a drying process, to obtain a 2-layer MEA, and the thus obtained 2-layer MEAs are used to form a 3-layer MEA or a 5-layer MEA by a hot pressing process. Accordingly, the present methods solve the problems associated with prior art that the loss of catalyst is considerable, since the catalyst slurry is directly spray-coated on the membrane, and the catalyst electrode layer in a solid phase is hot-pressed on both surfaces of the membrane.

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