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Substrate cleaning method, substrate cleaning equipment, computer program, and program recording medium

Image Number 6 for United States Patent #7837804.

In a dry process after a cleaning process using a cleaning-liquid nozzle and a rinse process using a side rinse nozzle are performed on a wafer W, the wafer W is turned, feeding of pure water to a center point of the wafer W from a pure-water nozzle is started, and substantially at the same, injection of a nitrogen gas from a gas nozzle to a center portion of the wafer W at a point at an adequate distance apart from the center of the wafer W is started. Next, while the pure-water nozzle is caused to scan toward the periphery of the wafer W, the gas nozzle is caused to scan toward the periphery of the wafer W in an area radially inward of the position of the pure-water nozzle after the gas nozzle passes the center of the wafer W.

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