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Spring beam wafer connector

Image Number 8 for United States Patent #7833019.

A multi-contact electrical connector wafer includes an insulating base and at least one bay on a first side of the base. A conductor is associated with the at least one bay and the conductor is adapted to contact a corresponding mating element. The wafer further includes a loading beam adapted to bias the first conductor toward the corresponding mating element upon deflection of the beam. A connector may be formed with a conductive component disposed in a connector housing defining a receptacle opening. The conductive component is arranged in the housing in a manner to allow the conductive component to move relative to the housing. As such, the connector can accommodate a mating connector of a first thickness or a mating connector of a second, different thickness. The connector may also be adapted to accommodate a mating connector that is inserted into the receptacle in a manner that is not collinear with respect to the receptacle.

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