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Hot water-water mixing faucet

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #7832650.

A hot water-water mixing faucet holds a control valve body in a balanced position between a bias spring and a temperature-sensitive coil spring. An adjusting screw 6a supports the bias spring in an axial direction to change setting of the supporting position of the bias spring, and a rear end side of the bias spring is supported by a supporting member which is formed separately from the adjusting screw. The supporting member is slidably inserted in the axial direction into a through-hole provided on the adjusting screw and is connected detachably to the adjusting screw by an abutting section provided in an area protruding from the through-hole toward the bias spring side. A lifting spring biases the supporting member to pull the supporting member back toward the side opposite to the bias spring to the adjusting screw 6a.

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