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Specification-attaching apparatus

Image Number 11 for United States Patent #7832447.

A specification-attaching apparatus includes a transferring unit for transferring a specification fed from a specification-feeding unit to an attaching unit that includes a suction member movable, in response to rotation of a pivot rod, in sequence among angularly spaced sucking, standby and releasing positions. The suction member is operable so as to switch from a non-sucking state to a sucking state when at the sucking position, thereby sucking the specification transferred from the transferring unit and to switch from the sucking state to the non-sucking state when at the releasing position, thereby releasing the specification sucked thereby. A container sprayed with glue by a glue-spraying unit is conveyed by a motor-driven container conveying unit to move in synchronization with and contact the suction member during movement of the suction member from the standby position to the releasing position so that the specification is attached to the container.

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