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Signal generator, signal generation method, and RF communication system using the same

Image Number 12 for United States Patent #7830213.

A signal generator, a signal generation method, and a communication system using the same are provided. The signal generator includes a plurality of nonlinear elements which are connected in a ring; and a signal distributor which is arranged in the ring to form a closed loop, feeds part of a signal to one of the plurality of the nonlinear elements, and outputs signal generated by one of the plurality of nonlinear elements. The method includes arranging a plurality of nonlinear elements connected in a ring; inputting a signal to one of the nonlinear elements; amplifying the signal; receiving the amplified signal and generating a harmonic component of a frequency; clipping the signal; and feeding part of the signal back to one of the nonlinear elements and outputting a remainder of the signal. The system includes a chaotic signal generator; a signal distributor; a modulator; and a transmission circuit.

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