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Frequency multipliers using multi-phase oscillation

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #7825741.

A method of generating an output signal from an input signal includes a step of generating a set of n signals, n being an integer greater than or equal to 3, by generating a signal for each integer i such that 0.ltoreq.i.ltoreq.(n-1), each signal within the set having the same frequency and approximately equal amplitude and a phase equal to (360/n)i degrees. The method also includes a step of inputting each of the set of n signals to a gate terminal of a corresponding one of a set of n transistors. Each of the transistors has a source terminal electrically connected to a common voltage drain and each of the transistors has a drain terminal electrically connected to a coupling. The coupling is electrically connected to a common voltage source. The output signal at the coupling has a frequency equal to the frequency of the input signal multiplied by n.

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