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Information processing apparatus, image forming apparatus and method, and storage medium readable by computer therefor

Image Number 19 for United States Patent #7821690.

An information processing apparatus includes: a display unit displaying an image; an input unit inputting a command in accordance with an external operation; an image data acquiring unit acquiring print image data from an application; a preview display processing unit displaying on the display unit a first print preview image of the print image data acquired by the image data acquiring unit; a selection region display processing unit capable of selecting a predetermined region of the first print preview image displayed on the display unit by the preview display processing unit and displaying the selected region so as to be identified on the display unit, on the basis of the command in accordance with the input external operation; an image data processing unit processing the print preview image in a unit of an image in the selected region displayed on the display unit by the selection region display processing unit; and a print instructing unit instructing a print unit to print the print preview image.

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