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Direct digital synthesizer, direct digital synthesizer for transmission and detection, and MRI apparatus

Image Number 9 for United States Patent #7818359.

In order to output amplitude data with the clock frequency higher than the clock frequency of phase data, the direct digital synthesizer for transmission and detection comprises: a transmitting phase for outputting a first phase data with a first clock frequency; a curtailing unit for outputting a second phase data with a second clock frequency smaller than the first clock frequency, and outputting additional data for compensating for phase information disappeared with curtailing process; an interpolating unit for outputting a third phase data with a third clock frequency larger than the first frequency by implementing interpolating process to the second phase data, and a detecting waveform for outputting amplitude data in accordance with the third phase data. The detecting signal amplitude data can be outputted with the third clock frequency higher than the second clock frequency of the second phase data transmitted.

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