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Display device

Image Number 7 for United States Patent #7817357.

The present invention provides a display device having a large-area display region which is capable of performing an image display of high quality by making, even when two display panels abut on each other, an abutting portion becomes inconspicuous. Two optical path changing lenses LPL1, LPE2 are arranged in a state that respective optical path changing lenses LPL1, LPE2 have respective one sides thereof abutted on each other above an abutting portion BE of two display panels PNL1, PNL2. The abutted ends form a straight-line shape on the abutting portion BE. The first optical path changing lens LPL1 and the second optical path changing lens LPL2 have a lens shape such that the lenses change a optical path of an optical image at a portion remote from the abutting portion BE in the viewing point VP direction and, at the same time, an optical image of a non-display region BW including a picture frame where a shield frame SHD is present from a boundary of the abutting portion BE in the direction orthogonal to the abutting portion BE within a display screen is contracted and focused on the viewing point VP in the upward direction orthogonal to a display screen in a boundary of the abutting portion BE.

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