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Control apparatus for vehicular drive system

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #7811191.

A vehicular power transmitting system including a transmission portion constituting a part of a power transmitting path, an electric motor connected to the power transmitting path, an electrically controlled differential portion connected to the electric motor and having a differential state controllable according to a change of an operating speed of the electric motor, a casing accommodating the transmission portion, the electric motor and the electrically controlled differential portion, and a support member for supporting a rotor of the electric motor, the support member including a support portion formed in one axial end portion thereof, at which the rotor is supported rotatably about its axis, and a tapered portion having a diameter increasing in an axial direction from the one axial end portion toward the other axial end portion at which the support member is fixed to the casing, and wherein a winding portion of a stator of the electric motor is disposed in a space formed radially outwardly of the tapered portion, while a fluid passage portion for supplying a working fluid to frictional coupling devices of the transmission portion is disposed in a space formed radially inwardly of the tapered portion.

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