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Manufacturing inspection of folded feminine hygiene products by cascading edge and skew detection

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #7809179.

A process is provided for inspecting an absorbent article constructed from multiple components. A filtered image is produced from the absorbent article. In the image of the absorbent article, a nonlinear first edge and a second edge are identified at a location where there is a course change in contrast. A center point and centerline of the absorbent article is calculated using the position of the first edge and the second edge. A skew of the absorbent article is calculated. These known locations are utilized to define at least one additional region of the image for further analysis. A third edge and fourth edge are identified at a location where there is a fine change in contrast. The skew of the third edge and the fourth edge within the defined region is calculated and compared to known parameters for the absorbent article.

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