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Efficient imagery exploitation employing wavelet-based feature indices

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #7805005.

A wavelet-based band difference-sum ratio method reduces the computation cost of classification and feature extraction (identification) tasks. A Generalized Difference Feature Index (GDFI), computed using wavelets such as Daubechies wavelets, is employed in a method to automatically generate a large sequence of generalized band ratio images. In select embodiments of the present invention, judicious data mining of the large set of GDFI bands produces a small subset of GDFI bands suitable to identify specific Terrain Category/Classification (TERCAT) features. Other wavelets, such as Vaidyanathan, Coiflet, Beylkin, and Symmlet and the like may be employed in select embodiments. The classification and feature extraction (identification) performance of the band ratio method of the present invention is comparable to that obtained with the same or similar data sets using much more sophisticated methods such as discriminants, neural net classification, endmember Gibbs-based partitioning, and genetic algorithms.

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