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Physiologically active substance NK13650P3, method of producing the same and use thereof

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #7803411.

A physiologically active substance NK13650P3 having the following physicochemical properties or a pharmacologically acceptable salt thereof. 1) Appearance: pale yellow powder 2) Molecular formula: C.sub.29H.sub.37N.sub.7O.sub.15 3) Molecular weight: 723 4) Hydrogen nuclear magnetic resonance spectrum: spectrum measured at 600 MHz in heavy water contains the following signals: chemical shift value .delta. ppm: 7.05 (1H, 3), 7.00 (1H, d), 6.96 (1H, d), 6.83 (1H, s), etc. 5) Carbon nuclear magnetic resonance spectrum: spectrum measured at 150 MHz in heavy water contains the following signals: chemical shift value .delta. ppm: 181.5(s), 181.4(s), 179.9(s), 179.2(s), 174.5(s), 174.3(s), 171.5(s), 165.4(s), etc. 6) Ultraviolet light spectrum: spectrum measured in aqueous solution contains the following UV absorption bands: .lamda..sup.max (MeOH): 196.5 nm, 224.5 nm, 322.5 nm 7) Solubility: highly soluble in water but insoluble in methanol, acetone, ethyl acetate, chloroform and dimethyl sulfoxide. 8) Coloration reaction: positive to phosphomolybdic acid/sulfuric acid reaction and Rydon-Smith reaction.

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