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Filter and method of making

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #7799219.

A filter, comprising: a housing defining an inner cavity; an inner sleeve disposed within the housing, the inner sleeve having portions in a spaced relationship with respect to the an interior surface of the inner cavity; a plurality of tab members extending away from the inner sleeve, the tab members being configured to be removably secured to a feature of a cap, the cap being configured to engage the housing to provide a first position and a second position with respect to the housing, wherein the first position seals the inner sleeve to the housing and a fluid filtration path from an inlet of the filter to an outlet of the filter is defined by the inner sleeve and the second position provides a fluid drain path through an opening in the cap, the fluid drain path being closed when the cap is in the first position; and a filtration media disposed within an interior area of the inner sleeve, wherein the filtration media is disposed in the fluid filtration path and fluid flow through the outlet opening must pass through the filtration media.

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