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Device for manufacturing a reinforcement for tires

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #7799159.

The manufacturing device comprises a rotary distributor 6 in rotation about a rotation axis R, the rotary distributor comprising at least one elbowed tube 61, the elbowed tube having a corridor for receiving the wire on the radially internal side and forming output guidance on the externally radial side. The device comprises a member for conveying to the distributor comprising a tubular portion 53 substantially perpendicular to the rotation axis R, a space in the radial direction being provided between the tubular portion 53 and the elbowed tube 61. A knife 7 is disposed in the space between the rotary distributor and the conveying member. The conveying member and the distributor are coupled and both rotary, the knife 7 being mounted on a knife holder 70 for purposes of adjustment and whose rotation is locked during cutting. The rotary distributor comprises a central tube 51, and inlet orifice 52 of which is disposed substantially on the rotation axis R of the rotary distributor, the tubular portion 53 coming in line with the central tube 51.

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