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Infrared light irradiating lamp for vehicle

Image Number 6 for United States Patent #7798689.

An infrared light irradiating lamp for a vehicle includes a projection lens disposed on an optical axis extending in a longitudinal direction of the vehicle; a light source bulb disposed behind a rear side focal point of the projection lens that includes a filament for emitting a light; a reflector for reflecting the light emitted from the light source bulb in a forward direction close to the optical axis; and an infrared light transmitting filter disposed between the reflector and the projection lens. The infrared light transmitting filter includes an infrared light transmitting film and a diffusing portion for diffusing a light transmitted from the reflector. The infrared light transmitting filter is movable between a transmitting position in which the infrared light transmitting film intercepts light reflected by the reflector and a retreating position in which infrared light transmitting film does not intercept the reflected light.

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