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Trace optimization via fusing operations of a target architecture operation set

Image Number 7 for United States Patent #7797517.

Reference architecture instructions are translated into target architecture operations. Sequences of operations, in a predicted execution order in some embodiments, form traces. In some embodiments, a trace is based on a plurality of basic blocks. In some embodiments, a trace is committed or aborted as a single entity. Sequences of operations are optimized by fusing collections of operations; fused operations specify a same observable function as respective collections, but advantageously enable more efficient processing. In some embodiments, a collection comprises multiple register operations. Fusing a register operation with a branch operation in a trace forms a fused reg-op/branch operation. In some embodiments, branch instructions translate into assert operations. Fusing an assert operation with another operation forms a fused assert operation. In some embodiments, fused operations only set architectural state, such as high-order portions of registers, that is subsequently read before being written.

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