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Triangular cross section exhaust muffler

Image Number 6 for United States Patent #7793758.

The present invention is for a triangular cross section symmetrical engine exhaust muffler for an internal combustion engine. Its internal design provides baffles symmetrically disposed about a plane centrally located equidistant from the ends of a tube having a triangular cross section. The design has three baffles spaced to minimize backpressure but angled to enhance acoustic reflections within the chamber formed by the tube having a triangular cross section, baffles, and the affixed endplates including the inlet/exhaust ports. These acoustic reflections serve to modify the sound emanating from the exhaust manifold or manifolds of the internal combustion engine. The muffler chamber also serves to smooth out the pulsating gas flow emanating from the engine as a result of the combustion cycle.

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