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Torsion disc for use in a continuously variable transmission

Image Number 19 for United States Patent #7785228.

A continuously variable transmission (CVT) having a torsion disc for a CVT. The torsion disc includes a splined bore about its central axis, an annular recess formed in the disc for receiving the race of a bearing, and a raised surface for supporting a torsion spring. In one embodiment, the torsion disc includes a number of holes for receiving dowels that support a torsion spring. Load cam discs, a torsion disc, rolling elements, and a hub cap shell are configured to generate axial force, transmit torque, and manage reaction forces. In one embodiment, a splined input shaft and a torsion disc having a splined bore cooperate to input torque into the variator of the CVT. Among other things, various ball axles, axle-ball combinations, and reaction force grounding configurations are disclosed. In one embodiment, a CVT having axial force generation means at both the input and output elements is disclosed.

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